Saturday, February 26, 2011

Drink a Beer and Wait Patiently

So, I haven't been drinking much lately, but I decided I wanted a beer last night after a long bike ride.  I stopped at HEB for a couple of vegetables, and purchased a 32oz (caguama) of Corona Familiar, a beer which I became accustomed to drinking during my months in Mexico.

I arrived at the house, opened the beer, and sat drinking it, to the melodious offerings of Freddy Fender.  I noticed a young girl approach the bus stop (the 300) from my right.  She stopped there, as one might who expects to catch the next Govalle bus on its southerly route towards Oltorf and Burton. 

A few moments later, a red Mustang 5.0 came screaming down Govalle, heading in the same direction the girl had come from, which is my right.  Naturally, he was driving on the opposite side of the street, this being the United States, and yet the girl was on the near side at the bus stop.  As he approached, he swerved sharply and crossed the street, coming to a jerky stop in front of the girl.  There was a conversation.

"What the fuck are you doing at the bus stop!"

Unintelligible response from the young lady.

"Why the fuck didn't you call me from the house?"

Again, unintelligible blabber from the girl, obviously upset at this point.

Unintelligible cursing from the driver of the 5.0. 

He speeds off, moving from my right to my left, down Govalle, towards Springdale.  I debate whether I should step in and do something.  I sit, pensive, as I hear, coming from my left, what sounds like a red Mustang 5.0, approaching the two of us. 

Sure enough, it is our knight in primer armor, returned to have a second go at his maiden.

"What the fuck are you thinking?"

"I just-" Interrupted.

"Get the fuck in the car!"

She tries.  He speeds off, heading right, from whence he came, towards Tillery street.  He turns at the first opportunity, at Kirk.  It is reminiscent of the Wonder Years episode, when Savage's big brother does the same. 

Weeping from the maiden.  Bonafide weeping. 

I start to approach the maiden, to ask if I may be of service, more nervous about an affirmative answer than a negative one, for that brings your humble author into the mix.  As I do, I notice my neighbor, or more precisely, my neighbor's roommate, approaching.  He's a few steps ahead of me, and seems to be offering the same helping hand.  I return to my anonymous position on my front porch, hidden from sight by the bushes at the bus stop and the pecan tree that separates us. 

"No."  She sobs.  "My boyfriend is just an asshole!"

Red Mustang 5.0 returns, from the direction he had recently escaped. 

"Don't you dare tell my fucking dad that you saw me!"

Unintelligible, from both actors.

"I'm going to the fucking store for some drinks."

Speeds off.  Sobbing.

5.0 returns a few minutes later, from the direction in which he had previously sped off. 

Unintelligible, from both.

She moves toward the vehicle, attempting to get in.  He speeds off (see above Wonder Years reference).

She follows in the direction he heads, sobbing and shaking her head. 


Monday, February 7, 2011

Not feeling disappointed about a disappointing situation

I just had an orientation session which was devoid of students.  There were zero students in attendance.  I only anticipated one student, and zero showed up.  None.

I was sitting, waiting, for 45 minutes or so, feeling somewhat ambivalent about whether I wanted students to show up.  In the end, I waited until a quarter til the hour, decided that nobody was going to show, and I left, offering only vague explanations as to what might have been the cause of the lack of attendance.  "You know adult students, sometimes...We should have called earlier...Our program assistant has been out," etc...

As I drove back to school, I was alarmed to realize how truly ambivalent I had been.  What had caused this?  Why did I not care about this?  Was I not embarrassed by this relative fiasco? 

Has me thinking about finding something wherein I would feel embarrassed, frustrated, curious, motivated, an event not going well.