Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ideas in a Dream for School

I had a dream that I was a teacher at Allan. It was a very realistic dream, I had it in between sleep and wake. I didn't see most of my kiddos from 3rd grade. I was terrified. I had nothing planned. There was a teacher working with me, but I still felt terribly uncomfortable. In the dream, I was thinking of ways to communicate different ideas in a democratic, caring, logical way. I came up with the following ideas. I won't know if they're ridiculous until later when I'm not so sleepy.

-If there is a place wherein running can be distracting or dangerous, use this as a marker. "When you're making your way down the (hallway, symphony hall, funeral parlor, etc...), I want you to think about this. If Mr. Cameron was standing right in front of you as you make your way down the (...), would you be punching him repeatedly in the jaw. If so, you're probably moving a little too fast."

-For gratuitous hugs: "Without my students, I would totally fall to pieces. You see, I am very much like the scarecrow made of straw. I am not held together very well, and I need help so that I don't fall totally apart. So before we go home each day I need to get a big hug from each one of you. Each and every one, no exceptions. That way, I'll be wrapped tight and I can make it through the night until tomorrow morning. Otherwise, I just might not make it."

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