Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Standardized Testing

-Teacher says, "2+2=5."
-Worksheet says, "2+2=5."
-Homework says, "2+2=5."
-Test says, "2+2=?"
-Child A says, "5."
-State says, "Genius."
-Child B says, "4."
-State says, "At Risk, Failure, Special Ed, etc..."
-Child B's teacher has been teaching meaningful content.
-State also says, "remove funding, remove teacher support...hell, close the school and fire the teacher."

Current standardized testing has control over all "levels of production," as is said in business. For example, the private company who provides the teachers' resources - many of which have become mandatory - the same company provides worksheets and homework, they provide their content to the states for the formulation of the test, and the state pays another private company to implement the test.

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