Thursday, September 11, 2008

Whereabouts Letter for Work

Howdy folks,

It's me 'gin. I reckon it'd be rude of me not to toss this little morsel o' information into your pasture as't regards to my pending absence on the 'morruh. Ima gonna stay in the big city and see me 'nother professor shoot the breeze, as they say. In fact, they's a discussion t'morra about schools in east austin that ain't been doin' right by most of the kiddos they're suppos'd to be seein' after. Reckon that's the fault of the gov'ment up 'ere in Warshington, don'cha think?

In 'ddition to this'n, there's a meetin' for a group I'm in called Teachers for Social Justice. We're speculatin' on ways and means a' changin' the inequalities that we been seein' around schools across this great nation uh ars, and we aim to get them young whippersnappers involved in determinin' their own lot in life, bein' realistic in their p'sitionality in certain power struggles, I likes to call 'em.

Ima gonna thank you all kindly, preemptively, for allowin' me the opportunity to foller ma' dreams as they r'late to ma' pash'n...chirren.

I'll see all you cowgirls and cowpokes on Thursdee.


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