Friday, October 17, 2008

Posing Naked - A Story of Firsts

Basically, I posed naked with my brother for an artist who is a friend of his. He is indeed a very talented dude, and I am flattered to be, hopefully, a figure in one of his upcoming creations. His website is nice, and has a bit of work. The pieces are quite large, as one can imagine as he provides the dimensions of each particular piece. He was also very nice as well.

We did about 8 poses, most of which played on some sort of interaction between the two of us, be that in a competitive or collaborative way. I was amazed at how physically taxing it turned out to be, especially since our poses, at first glance, didn't require an exhorbitant amount of strength or flexibility. I found my legs trembling like a chihuahua after a few minutes of statuehood.

Here's the fella's website. Maybe I'll be on there someday soon.

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