Thursday, October 30, 2008

Notes from 10/30/2008

-Melungeon is a term traditionally applied to one of a number of "tri-racial isolate" groups of the Southeastern United States, mainly in the Cumberland Gap area of central Appalachia: east Tennessee, southwest Virginia, and east Kentucky. Tri-racial describes populations thought to be of mixed (1) European, (2) sub-Saharan African, and (3) Native American ancestry.
-The Chestnut Ridge people (CRP) are a Melungeon (or "tri-racial isolate") community residing just northeast of Philippi, Barbour County in north-central West Virginia.
-The Dominickers were a small biracial or triracial ethnic group that was once centered in the Florida Panhandle county of Holmes, in a corner of the southern part of the county west of the Choctawhatchee River, near the town of Ponce de Leon. The group was classified as one of the "reputed Indian-White-Negro racial isolates of the Eastern United States" by the United States Census Bureau in 1950.
-The Carmel Indians are a group of Melungeons who have lived in Highland County in the southwestern part of the U.S. state of Ohio.
-Wesorts is a name for people of "mixed-race" origins who currently claim descent from the Piscataway Native American population in Charles County, Maryland.
-Cafuzo, Marabou, Garinagu, Garifuna, Haliwa-Saponi, Zambo (Hugo Chavez), Cambujo, Miskitos
-The Pencil Test, South Africa, pencil in the hair, will it stay or will it fall?
-The Paper Bag Test
-One Drop Rule
-Hypodescent is the practice of determining the lineage of a child of mixed-race ancestry by assigning the child the race of his or her more socially subordinate parent. Hyperdescent is the opposite.
-Philosophical notion of the Absurd, from Albert Camus The Plague

-Is it in any way cannibalistic to fill portabello mushroom caps with the cooked and chopped stems thereof? What about dipping with red bell peppers into roasted red pepper hummus?

-Cuba's Egg Room studios

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