Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dream - Bar Sleepover

I had a dream that we were in a bar. There were lots of us. We were there for some reason. Something like a sporting event. It started to get late. I remember looking for a clock and seeing 141 with some letters. I took this to be 1:41 AM, though I still wasn't sure. That meant, at least in the 'real world,' that the bar would close in 19 short minutes.

I remember deciding to order whiskey shots for myself, Bill, Nick. When they got to the bar, they both said they didn't want whiskey. They chose beers. I was upset. I think I called them babies or something else thickheaded. Soon, the bar was very dark, and I kind of knew that it was quite late. Maybe 4 or something.

I sat down at a table with some dudes. Three of them had what appeared to be black leather jackets and menacing hats on. I was the fourth one at their table. I think there were dominoes on the table.

Before long, I woke up in the bar. It was still dark, and everybody had slept over. Some of the couches, which I hadn't noticed before, had rolled out as trundlebeds. There were human men and human women smushed into the beds like sardines. Everybody seemed like good friends. In fact, I remember saying so someone earlier that everybody in the bar knew one another and were friends, although there were different factions of them.

We left the bar in the morning. When we were walking outside, presumably to our cars, I saw a friend of mine, Andrew, walking with some people in the perpindicular direction. My other friend Josh yelled to him in jest that "Cameron [was] on a party barge on the lake." Hearing this, and being Cameron, I lifted my belongings (pillow, blanket, sleepover gear) to cover my face from Andrew's sight.

In the time between alarms, I found myself stuck between dreaming and being awake. During this time, I thought that renting cots and small spaces to sleep near bars was a good idea. As I woke I realized that people would use these for sex alot.

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