Saturday, December 6, 2008

Zen and the Art of Knot Undoing?

I'm preparing to move in a couple of months.  Usually, this would be a little bit early for this awful endeavor, but I'm going out of the country and I have limited storage space available.  Therefore, all the mierda that I've moved around for literally six years will need to be purged.  Today I scanned a huge box full of documents, fliers, email addresses, recipes, notes, mail, etc...

Anyway, one thing I found in a box was a wind chime.  I received it from a friend years ago, and hadn't used it in a while.  Over the last couple moves, I have noticed it but was reluctant to put it up for it had become quite tangled somehow.  It is a feng shui inspired chime, with coins and small bamboo pieces.  In short, it's tangles created quite a problem for unravelling.   

I found as I worked, though, the calming feeling that overcame me.  I had some music on, so I turned that off.  The chime, being so small, felt delicate in my hands.  I realized very early on that brute strength and haste would be the end of it.  How comforting was it eliminate a loop or a knot whose existence was impeding my achievement of unfettered chimes!

As I worked on steadily, slowly, I was rewarded for my patience by freeing one tentacle from the mass.  I knew, at this moment, that victory was mine.  Continuing on, my goal became more and more realistic, and eventually, there was a deluge of extrication.  What a great feeling!

After years of hibernation, the extremities of my chime are free.  Awake and singing.

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