Wednesday, August 8, 2007

It Worked

So, as it turns out, the note that you see below was sufficient to garner $200 in scholarship money for the class. It's the history and theory of educational alternatives, taught by Dr. Ron Miller. He's the author of Free Schools, Free People, amongst other books. Not only will this allow me to place all of my readings as well as my natural tendencies with education, but also will provide me with a lifelong contact in Dr. Miller. As many learn soon after school, solid contacts can be lifesavers. I now will add Dr. Miller to my list, which includes Hoffman, DeeDee, and Ms. Marchand. Not a bad start, in my opinion.

Oh, and to that energy which has tried its damnest to keep me from progressing, the fight has already been lost. The ball has been rolling out of control internally. Now, the initial external proof of development.

Vaya con dios.

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