Friday, August 24, 2007

Nearly Achieved Lifetime Aspiration

Being that I work in Dripping Springs, I'm on the highway quite often. Generally, the consequences thereof are negative, the most costly being the astronomically high gas prices. Side note: How is it that when prices are raised super fast, people get angry, yet there is no such response if the increase is slow and methodical? Anyway, one of the few advantages to having highway time is my chance at completing one of the three life goals that I have had for some time. My holy trinity, so to speak. I'll list them all, just for fun.

1. Become fully ambidextrous.

2. Write down everything I know.

3. While driving fast on a highway, notice a piece of trash being blown about by the speeding traffic. Reach out and intentionally grab the piece of trash, proving superhuman reflex speed.

It's quite obvious which one I nearly achieved this morning. A neighboring driver even noticed my fruitless attempt, grinned, and offered to me his encouragement, approximating a distance of couple of inches with his thumb and forefinger. Next time, red Taurus, next time.

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