Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Power of the Brain

I realized this beautiful Saturday morning the initial moment in which I understood the omnipotence of the human brain. I was in third grade, with Ms. Hendricks. I remember critically analyzing my handwriting which included a comparison with that of my classmates, I noticed that there was quite a variance in our contruction of the "2." We must have been doing math. Some sort of rote memorization, I'm sure. Anyway, I noticed that some of the young ladies in class had added a bit of flare by adding a nice little tail, which ended up being the weight of the construction, eventually. I decided to try my hand at the curly "2," repeatedly on my page. I've always said that I don't really write in my natural handwriting. Rather, I draw letters, numbers, and combinations thereof, using a subconsciously created font that is supposed to represent me in some abstract way. Regardless, I sit filling my page with "2's." No big surprise that I was disinterested in math minute. Huh. Long story short, I soon could not stop creating my 2's in this new foreign, imitated fashion. As I wrote the rest of the day, I would realize it just after the fact-the 2 had become a part of me, without my having planned or consciously welcomed it. From that day on, until a middle school graffiti career caused me to rethink what my writing said about me, I unwillingly created my "2's" with little oinker tails.

This, honestly, was the first time I understood who was running the show, cause it clearly wasn't me. It was my informal introduction to intellectualism, the subconscious, psychology, and on a strange level, began my process wherein I deified the brain as THE most powerful entity in existence.

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