Thursday, April 23, 2009

Indian Food Challenge

So, the other day, I went with some kids to an Indian restaurant. I had already eaten, but rather enjoyed the combo they offered (3 large beers for 3 dollars). Done.

The kiddos with whom I sat gave mixed reviews of the stuff, but it looked interesting nonetheless, and it was nice to have some veggie options. I decided to check it out yesterday, after having a wonderful, but generally meal-less day in a small Panama Hat producing village called Sigsig. It was a lovely day, and a comfortable dinner with some beers seemed the thing to complete the cycle.

I sat drinking my beers, eating a samosa, which was quite nice, and debating what to order. I decided to ask for the hottest thing they had, becuase I figured it would give me the added desire to drink the three huge beers. Sometimes, I just don´t want to finish an ice cold Pilsener. As rare as this occasion is, I figured I´d be safe and go for the spicy stuff.

I think the fellers in the kitchen decided to test my gangster, as the saying goes. The plate they brought out was comprised of about three green beans, some chickpeas, jalapeño slices (the first I´ve eaten in Ecuador, assuming they were jalapeños), ajì, which are the local favorite chile, about as hot as a serrano, and some flaming hot orange stuff smothering the whole package. I don´t know how much it was Indian food, now that I think about it.

I noticed, as I ate and sweated, the waiters, the owner, and some kitchen staff coming out and looking, grins on their faces. I figured out the game and decided to play along. I ate all the chutney, and another spicy sauce they had provided. This after about 1/8th of the meal. I proceeded to ask for another of each of the two. Astounded, the waiter acquiesced. I ate those two. Crying, snotting, sweating, I ate those two. I asked for another batch. Crying, snotting, sweating, I ate those two, leaving myself a quarter piece of naan and half a beer to finish the job.

Long story short, I did my stomach wrong, and thank the heavens that it didn´t take its anger out on me this morning. But it was fun to play along, and the food wasn´t half bad, for pepper noodles and satan sauce.

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prahdig said...

wow...amazing story...i'm currently playing the same game with the thai lady who cooks food in dripping springs every thursday. she's got nothin on me.