Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Response to Letter to Dean of UT College of Ed.

The following is the response I received from the college of education at UT.  Prepare yourself for substantive words.

"Dear Mr. Allen,

Dean Justiz has asked me to respond to your letter on his behalf.  We appreciate the time and thought that you gave to outlining your feedback and suggestions about the teacher preparation program in the College of Education at UT Austin.  I have forwarded your letter to Associate Dean Sherry Field and she in turn has provided a copy for Dr. Hoffman, who was your cohort coordinator.  I am confident the faculty will discuss your recommendations.  

We wish you the best in your position in Ecuador.


Marilyn Kameen
Senior Associate Dean
M. K. Hage Centennial Professor in Education
University of Texas at Austin
College of Education"

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