Friday, May 22, 2009

Dream 5/9/2009

I meet up with Ster, my brother, and we`re on bikes. He tells me to meet up with him again in a few minutes, and I reply that I will.

I accidentally drop a bar of soap in the middle of the street. The bar of soap blazes down the asphalt a distance of exactly 100 meters. I know it is 100 meters, no more and no less. Naturally, I go chasing the bar down the road. By the time I catch the bar and meet up with Ster. By this point he is disappointed in me for being tardy. I feel disappointed because I can tell he is geniunely upset.

Next I am swimming in water which is moving. It moves like a river, although I never once checked to verify that there are shores. In the water with me are boats. The boats are very different. I only know they are boats becuase they navigate in the water. Otherwise some might look more akin to planes.

The boats have propellers. I am very terrified of said propellers. I duck and dodge them successfully. Some of the boats are made out of PVC pipe. I don`t notice another person in the water or navigating a boat on the moving water. The boats are endless and densely crowded.

From time to time, I duck under the water to escape the props. I look under the water and notice mail trucks. The mail trucks have matching paint jobs. The paint jobs spell out the name of their business and their offerings. There are so many mail trucks riding along the bottom of the water that I know that it is a fleet.

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