Friday, May 8, 2009

Some stuff from Ecuador

There’s a brand of foodstuffs that made me chuckle. The foods are higher end things, rarer things here sold in the supermarket. Things such as olives, jam, pickles, and the like are produced by an Ecuadorian brand called ‘Snob.’

Today I saw a young child being assisted by two adults, a man and a woman, whom I assume were his parents or legal guardians. The child didn’t need help with homework, bullies, or making a sandwich. Rather, he had a political sticker wrapped around his head, and it was tearing his hair out as he tried to remove it. It was a sticker for the political party number 40, whose Presidential candidate is named Carlos Gonzales, whose party moniker is Movemiento Justo y Solidario, and whose party colors are black and orange. Mr. Gonzales lost the Presidential election to current President Rafael Correa. I noticed scissors in the hand of the man, most likely the father, and thusly assume the child’s hair was a disaster after the unfortunate event.

I bought a soccer ball with Adidas logos on it. It was a full size ball, and was neon orange and blue in color. I cared for it dearly. One evening as I juggled the ball on the third floor terraza of the Perla Cuencana hostal in Cuenca, I accidently kicked the ball over the short wall of the terraza. The ball fell in the middle of the street, bounced once, and landed safely on the second story balcony of a neighboring business. The business was closed, and the next morning the ball was gone. The employees of the business subsequently played dumb. I understood what that meant.

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