Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dream 6/6/2009

This dream involves a person who is very real in my life. I have had an interesting relationship with this person over the last six years or so, when I first met her. Some of the happenings in the dream are conceivable and some are not. Some are totally out of her character. For the sake of the dream, the person will be named Gertrude. Don’t try and read into it too much. That’s my job.

I’m in Gertrude’s room and we’re discussing what she’s to do about her old boyfriend. He has mob ties. It’s clear that they’re done with each other romantically. We’re trying to figure out what he might try to pull. It’s also clear that he doesn’t want Gertrude around ‘us’ (Gnubbi, Cam, Ster, one or two others).

Gertrude has most recently broken off her relationship with Gnubbi. Gnubbi is a real life friend. He is a German friend that I met at Comuna Rhiannon in Malchingui, Ecuador. Rhiannon is an organic farm with goats, piggies, doggies, and a jackass named Nessy. We’re (Gertrude, Gnubbi, Cam) in Gertrude’s room trying to figure out how to even the stakes, so to speak. Some of Gertrude’s stuff must go to Gnubbi. Don’t as me why.

A decision is made. The decision includes seeds and land, amongst other things.

We go outside. We (Cam, Ster, Gnubbi) get into a high truck. Ster is a ‘real’ person. He is my big brother. First name, Brian. Middle and preferred name, Sterling. Nickname, amongst others, Ster. His actions could or could not be reasonable according to his ‘real world’ actions and behaviors. It doesn’t matter.

Ster drives from the right side of the truck. To his left is Gnubbi, in the middle. I am in the lefternmost seat of the truck. He navigates the truck directly down the road. At the end of the block, directly in front of the perpindicular road, is a lot. It looks vacant, though not totally empty.

Ster, with Gnubbi and I along for the ride, arrives at the face of the lot. He doesn’t stop driving when he arrives there. He just keeps on keeping on. There is a wooden, seven-foot fence in our way. He demolishes it with the nose of the truck. There is a second, parallel fence, a meter after the first. He demolishes it with the nose of the truck. There is a third, parallel fence, a meter after the second. He demolishes it with the nose of the truck. There is a fourth, parallel fence, a meter after the third. He demolishes it with the nose of the truck.

Each time, Gnubbi and I use the soles of our shoes to help knock down the fence. It is surprisingly easy to do.

Meanwhile, I’ve been eating the seeds and herbs. They’re all in a brown paper sack. I know for a fact that I was eating basil. As Ster finally stops his rampage, which has been quite calm and emotionless, I throw the herbs into the corner of the lot.

The parents of the lot, and presumably Gertrude as well, have been watching our actions from the middle of the street where we began. Anguish occupies their faces. We’re destroying what used to be theirs and has now been turned over to Gnubbi.

We jump ship. We meet with the family in the street. The family consists of who I know is the Father and the Mother, who is the old white lady from Be Kind Rewind. She is drinking a Newcastle out of a bottle. It is not very cold. It is about three quarters empty. We discuss how much space a female lioness needs to be healthy. We’re considering putting the lion in the lot. We also discuss if the lion can be a vegetarian.

The Mother spills the Newcastle on her off-white t-shirt.

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Hayley said...

One day I shall enter your dreams and this shit will be even TRIPPIER. Palabra.