Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Farm work songs.

Mierda (I was finding and smashing donkey shit this day.)

Mierda en mi boca,
Mierda en mis ojos,
Mierda en mi Corazon.

Shit in my mouth,
Shit in my eyes,
Shit in my heart.

Litter Along the Middle of the Earth (to be sung in the voice of Woody Guthrie)

Pickin’ up garbage, staring at the middle of the earth,
Searching for refuse, scattered along the middle of the earth,
Trying to find trash here, don’t ask me what it’s worth,
I been picking garbage since the day of my birth.

Tent Grommets (this day, I was building a tent to protect other tents from wind and rain.)

Some people say that grommets are useless,
But that kind of talk, I think it’s just foolish,
If the whole, damn point is to protect from the wind,
Then I see no other place to begin.

You see the first time they tried, they glued it together,
But that only held for a day, much less than forever,
So I’ve come along to rectify,
The weakness in the structure that one just can’t deny.

1 comment:

Hayley said...

Why didn't you ever help me in the song writing endeavors? I could have used your creative spirit, along the lines of "shit in my mouth". Sheer brilliance.