Wednesday, August 6, 2008

'Bloods and Crips War Poetry'

Second instillation of poetry...last, given it's not mine, just something I find fascinating as an educator whose focus is multiliteracies. Found under the heading 'Bloods and Crips War Poetry.' Very interesing literary style, unfortunately the possible hand-written visuals are not transferrable. I can only imagine the ways in which this language would have been further encoded.

Awesome. From


imma crip an she a blood
when at war it cause a blood flood
she got dat red i got dat blue
which one u claim is up to you
gun wars an reppin our sets
on da street corner wit dice makin bets
crip love is above da rest
fuck bloods crips is da best
livein an diein protectin our fam
joined together cuz we give a damn

fuck dis blood imma da crip
stepin to us u betta not slip
unlike bloods we aint pussies
we got guts we aint no wussies
fuck da blood game
its bout crip fame


I am blood so a yall crip
aint got nothing on us
we alway winning so
yall beater watch yall
back we got this our
name fit us causes all
we do is Blood people
Dats how we do it
So If at not blood
Just yall crip azz
down cause blood
coming through this
think rememberer
We Blood cause we
dont do nothing but
show Red


nobody could give a shyt bout a slob
pussie ass bytch's all get rob
robbed of they life dont make it get took
life for u is bout to get shook
cuz u cant step to our level or handle crip hands
they so hot snap ya neck like a rubba bands
cuz u cant stand to be up agains me
why cant u jus see
that bloods get defeat
by tha crips in da street
cuz they can't compeat
when tha crips bring dat heat


But u know we alway
have niggas hatting
on us and shit like
we be just minding
our own business
Just come fuck with
blood like yall know wat
the fucking deal it we
running up on us yall
get deal with by us
Crips dont fuck with
us know we red we
all read be the baddest


ya'll be thinkin people hatein
but ya'll tha one disriminatein
about our color first
in tears ya'll bout to burst
cuz da crip game is higher den blood
cuz when when we cum tha river flood
da blue in da air when we step to ya'll
cuz ya'll pussie's an easy ass brawl
a fight wit a slob is a sure enough win
our style an movements get 10
ya'll can't defeat
with tha crip heat


We not worried about who game higher
Long as we know that yall we never get
on our level never spit like we spit we
aint worried about the game then
We will alway be Bloods so fuck wat
anybody else say cause we already
top of the line yall will never get
like us so try yall we not even
come close to it cause it just
like that cause we bloods
We alway step it rite
for them crip cause like that
song say we fly no lie u know this


who u think better crips or blood u dicide


Bloods up crips down

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OGSoldier4God said...


Love Of Blue
Hatred Of ?ed
True Crips Can't Rest
Untill All Ya'll Dead
What About The ?lood
That Is In Our Veins
Neither Crip Or ?lood
Can View The Remains
Of A Fallen Soldier
Be They Family Or Not
Because At The Funeral
They Might Get Shot
Crip Females Stay Away
From The Color ?ed
Do Not Have Sex With Them
Do Not Give Them Head
So Much Of The Cause
Of The Death Of The C
Be A ?lood
Be A Crip
Be A Real Og!

Peace Between ?lood & Crip At My Funeral!
Unless A ?lood Kills Me!