Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Interesting Feeling Quoting

I had an interesting sensation as I wrote the Freire Quote from Education for Critical Consciousness. As I was typing a somewhat large chunk of text, I realized that, at some point, and in Portuguese, and likely on a typewriter, Freire had typed the same words that I was now scribing. Of course, he might have made revisions, etc...but at some point, he had created the order and chosen the exact words that I now was re-typing.

I felt a bit like Freire had been humanized, which is a good thing. To deify folks is to no longer see the obvious connections and similarities that inevitably exist. To make the situation more surreal, I feel so strongly about the issues that Freire discusses, both generally as well as with the aforementioned text, that I can only hope to some day have the skill with words and concepts that Freire does. Amazing.

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