Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Freire Quote Part I

"Men play a crucial role in the fulfillment and in the superseding of epochs. Whether or not men can perceive the epochal themes and above all, how they act upon the reality within which these themes are generated will largely determine their humanization or dehumanization, their affirmation as Subjects or their reduction as objects. For only as men grasp the themes can they intervene in reality instead of remaining onlookers. And only by developing a permanently critical attitude can men overcome a posture of adjustment in order to become integrated with the spirit of the time. To the extent that an epoch dynamically generates its own themes, men will have to make 'more and more use of intellectual, and less and less of emotional and instinctive functions...'"

...and one for the teachers...

"The mark of a successful educator is not skill in persuasion-which is but an insidious form of propaganda-but the ability to dialogue with educatees in a mode of reciprocity."

-both quotes from Education for Critical Consciousness, Paulo Friere, 1973

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