Thursday, August 7, 2008

Notes from 8/7/08

-Kolb's Experiential Learning Model
-Scholasticism, Bacon, Aristotle vs. Cartesian dualism
-"There's nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come" -Dr. Robert Urekew
-Plato-'Allegory of the Cave'
-'In Norse mythology, before the creation of the world, it was the divine cow Audhumla who, through her licking of the cosmic salt ice, gave form to Buri, ancestor of the gods and grandfather of Odin. On the first day as Audhumla licked, Buri's hair appeared from the ice, on the second day his head and on the third his body.' - from Wikipedia page on 'Salt Lick'
-Aristotle's 'Prime Matter,' 'four causes'
-material cause (matter)
-formal cause (form)
-efficient cause (process that brings it into being)
-final cause (purpose for existence, aka instrumental cause)
-Lori Grinkler, photography

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