Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Notes 8/27

-Dvorak Simplified Keyboard
-"Sorry, but you'll have to beer with me, as I'm a tad bit tipsy." Original Pun
-Can one successfully tickle oneself?
-Letter to Officer Oborski salutation, "This Bud's for you." (A bit inside).
-It's amazing how we lose sight of the beauty of persistence so soon after realizing that it might be necessary to complete a task placed in our way. I've decided not simply to pine for the joy that will come with completing the book, but rather relishing in every word of every page as if it were the last. Funny how the assumption is that one's "learning to read" ceases the day one can decode a newspaper or a recipe. Proof that we never, never stop learning, even with regard to so-called "basic skills."

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