Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Great NY City Maple Syrup Fragrance Mystery

I was listening to cnn live coverage online. They cut to a press conference with Mayor Bloomberg. He said he had information that might blow the "Great New York City Maple Syrup Fragrance Mystery" Case wide open.

Apparently, over the past couple of years, NY City has been, for a few days at a time, shrouded in a smell reminiscent of maple syrup. Ha. They love it, but it confuses them. They want for explanations about its origins, its cleanliness, its implications on their health. Well, the case has been cracked.

In said cnn press conference, Bloomberg outlined the four major clues that were involved in cracking the case. He thanked the unbelievable number of agencies and commissions dedicated to rooting out the cause of the stench. In the end, the source was somewhat lackluster and might not live up to the Scooby-Dooesque narrative. As it turns out, a fragrance company in nearby New Jersey who creates a variety of fruit flavors processes fenugreek seeds for their fragrances. If the weather is just right, the winds agreeable, and the humidity where it needs to be, the smell from the processing of these seeds is wafted over the Jersey side of New York City.

Case Closed.

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