Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hopefully the last TEFL-related post

There's really nothing more to say.  In the business module, there was a quiz on business etiquitte.  I failed the shit out of it.  Here are some questions.  

1. Your boss, Ms. Alpha, enters the room when you're meeting with an important client, Mr. Beta.  You rise and say, 'Ms. Alpha, I'd like you to meet Mr. Beta, our client from San Diego.'  Is this introduction correct?
4. You're entering a cab with an important client.  You position yourself so the client is seated curbside.  Is this correct?
11. The waiter's coming toward you to serve wine.  You don't want any.  You turn your glass upside down.  Are you correct?

I missed all of these, by the way.  Guess that means I lost all my clients.  Darn.  


adamdeanphoto said...

So what were your answers to them?

conscientizacao said...

1. Spit on the boss, dump water on the client...tell him San Diego stinks.
4. I don't take cabs. I'm terrified of the Cash Cab.
11. I've snuck in a flask full of whiskey and I've already made myself a need for the whine.

veach st. glines said...

1 - No (client to boss first); 4 - Yes; 11 - No (palm flat above glass = international sign of 'none 4 me')....or am I all8up?