Friday, November 21, 2008

Ah, to have an intern...

I was wondering today, as I often do, about documentation. More specifically, I was thinking of the documenting of one's life in various forms, as I often do. More specifically still, I pondered the amount of writing I do on a daily basis. I speak here of actual writing, referring to pens, pencils, paper writing.

I think my new goal is to accomplish something significant enough to warrant having an intern. I want to have done something, anything, that would push me over that hump. I wonder if living a full life - defined as you wish - is sufficiently significant to fit the criteria.

Here's what I want the intern(s) to do. They must scan every document upon which I have made notes. These must be dated, if possible, and transcribed into an electronic format. Once dated, they are to be inventoried, ensuring that we have record of our records. In addition, I want one of the interns, maybe the new guy, to go back through the books whose pages I have highlighted or otherwise noted, and create a database of quotes that, at the time at least, intrigued or affected me. If possible, there should be an overlap of these quotes taken from books and any other notes taken by me during the days, weeks, or months that I read said books.

Once this is done, computers and electronic storages can be purged, which will combine aforementioned paper work with electronic writings. These, of course, are to be dated if not already thus, and added to the inventory.

Up next comes other electronic files. These include photographs, videos, audio recordings, photoshop documents, etc...These must be dated and inventoried.

Additionally, there must be an intern who, in some way, crossreferences all of this with any social community websites, such as facebook or myspace. Comments, messages, added friends, tagged photos, must all be singly dated and inventoried.

Finally, financial files must be purged in the same manner as the above items. Bank statements, copies of checks, rental agreements, grocery store receipts, etc...must be added to the mix.

Maybe I'll talk to UT's School of Information and see what they say.

Would it be silly to document, in such a rigorous way, the life of a person which is unique simply becuase of its obsession with the idea of documenting life in such a rigorous way?


veach st. glines said...

The Exegesis required its author to be reasonably close to insanity (and I suspect his proximity qualified as 'in direct contact with' by most)... I doubt you are (yet) close enough to that level of PKDick-esque-ness. (questionmark)

conscientizacao said...

Good point, my friend. I'm quite distant from PKD in many other ways as well. One can only do one's best, I guess.