Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Response to Election Day Work Note

So, this is from an attorney at my law firm. This is His/Her response to my stupid little note about a schoolyard drama.

"Like any school dispute there are always two sides to the story......

I heard there was this student Sally, who studied very hard, had a part-time job and sacrificed her social life, even missing several school functions, to study and do well in school because she wanted to a doctor. Sally's commitment earned her a 4.0. I also heard there was this other student Ralph, who didn't study so much, liked to skip class. Ralph was more interested in playing Guitar Hero, flirting with the girls and hanging out with his friends. Ralph didn't really care what he did as long as he had his comforts and ended up getting a 2.0. Then Barry, President of the Student Counsel, came along one day and told Sally that she had to give Ralph 1 point of her 4.0, so that Ralph had a chance to go to college with a 3.0. This was frustrating to Sally as both her and Ralph took the same classes. Sally did not cause any trouble or get detention or disrupt class and had a perfect attendance record. Ralph did not care about class and had no ambition. It turns out that Ralph was friends with Barry and was counting on Barry to hook him up, so he chilled out and skipped a few more classes. When Sally told Barry it should be her choice who she gives a portion of her grade point average and that she would rather give a .5 point to Donny and .5 point LaShawn because they studied very hard, did not interrupt class and volunteered at the food drive. She also told Barry that she had always given at least 1 point to other students every year, so why should she also give a point to Ralph, who is not required to give any of his grade average to anyone. She then asked Barry and his sidekick, Jerry B, how many of points of their grade point average they had given each year because they too had 4.0s. It turned out that both Barry and Jerry had each given less than .001 to other students. Barry ignored Sally and said because he was President of the Student Counsel that he and his friends on the Student Counsel had already decided that Sally will do what he says and that's that. Sally protested because she felt it was not rewarding her hard work and instead rewarding students who are not as disciplined. Then, other friends of Barry's accused Sally of having overdue library books and tried to ban her from the library. Sally decided to tell the truth that Barry doesn't vote at the school counsel meetings, he wants to get rid of the school mascot, likes how the rival high school is organized and shares grades whether they deserve it or not, though those students never seem to excel or be as inventive and usually just complain. Barry arrogantly dismissed Sally and accused her of being a liar, though the truth was that Barry had admitted as much to his friends at the school newspaper but they didn't put it in any of issues because they wanted to be his friend. Barry even gave Sally the finger while talking to everyone at the cafeteria at lunch. Barry said he was just scratching his nose, but he had done the same thing to Henrietta the year before when she disagreed with him. Anyway, I heard that McKenzie has been sticking up for Sally lately instead of Alf because Alf tried to please only the students in his favorite school clubs instead of taking care of the school. McKenzie, while friends with Alf, thinks Alf is misguided and that the school comes before any particular group of students. It will be a very tough fight for McKenzie, though, because Barry has a beautiful voice and sings in music class and around school. Barry has been singing to many of the students and they just love his voice, but they don't hear the words of his songs. He sounds so good they just ignore the words of his songs, like the one about how his tutor since kindergarten hates the students with blond hair, or the one about his best friend who tried to pee in the soup in the cafeteria so students would get sick, or the one about how it doesn't matter if he doesn't vote on the Student Counsel or even other songs in his own yearbook comments about getting rid of the mascot, sharing grades and changing the school charter set by the school's founders. All the students hear is Barry's beautiful voice and how they are going to get part of the 4.0 students grade point average. However, Barry has never performed in concert with the Chorus in front of the entire student body.

Anyway, McKenzie has a tough task at this point, which has been more more difficult because Alf keeps tripping and hitting McKenzie in the heels, so he is not standing as strong as he could. Though, McKenzie could pull it off. The good thing is eventually there will be a re-match for Barry and attitudes will change about when the students start to see and hear how his singing is in concert."

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