Monday, November 10, 2008

Dream and Notes 11/10/2008

-Dream. I was in Mexico. It was Cuernavaca, although it didn't resemble the Cuernavaca I know. I just knew that's where I was. I was riding a bike. I made a few jumps. They were precarious because I was riding a road bike. There was a maze that I rode through. At one point, I stopped riding and put my bike down. I went into a store or a restaurant. When I left the store, I looked for my bike. Some dude had it. I went up and said, "Esa es mia. Damela." Without a word, he acquiesed. I said, "Gracias." I was surprised by his cooperation, and I stood there smiling like an ass while he walked away.

-The Huexotzinco Codex or Huejotzingo Codex is an eight-sheet document on amatl, a pre-European paper made in Mesoamerica. It is part of the testimony in a legal case against representatives of the colonial government in Mexico, ten years after the Spanish conquest in 1521. From wikipedia.
-Humitas de Ecuador...find a vegan way.
-Look at videos on youtube of tacos rapidos...tacos en los gueros...tacos al pastor. crazy speed.

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