Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I was thinking about the jobs I've had over the years, and I thought it might do me well to document.
-Embassy Skate Center-skate repair, nachos, dj, parties, skate camp
-Fiesta Texas (2 seasons)-tattoos, sweating, feeling socially uncomfortable
-San Antonio Zoo-mechanical boat tickets, cotton candy, big drinks
-Marilyn's Bakery-with Andy Beres and Lorie, in the morning before school
-La Boca Loca-worst restaurant ever, Mike was the manager, in the quarry
-Beto's Latin Grille-maybe the best job ever, very good working environment (there's a list that I wrote one day in college which contains the names of all the people I worked with there; I remember David gave me a Triple 6 cd and told me to "get crunk to this shit.")
-Jimmy John's Sub Shop-after Mexico, between fresh/soph year, living w/matt @ Ucommons
-Foundation Communities After School Program-with Tony, Rebecca, Sharon, Colin, Laurie, kiddos on Slaughter
-Eckerd's/CVS Photo Lab-on Slaughter, really crappy, about 10 rolls per day for no money
-Club Photo-couple of years, worked with Soren, Mara, Alan, Ross, Darren, Paul, Caleb, Phil, Willie, suicide victim, temps...
-Red Robin-Teneille got me this job and I lasted four days. They taught me a song that described their burgers, and I wouldn't do it. It had hand movements. "...wrapped, never torn..."
-Hula Hut on Lake Austin-sucky sucky...worked for Cuatro, of Cuatro's in Austin, worked as hostess, came to work right off the jetski and boat
-Kirby McInerney-paralegal, current.


veach st. glines said...

Been reading your blog for a few weeks, now. I like this idea and think I will incorporate this post as a 'meme' on mine. Thanks.

conscientizacao said...

Hey, I saw the comments from yesterday. I'm actually a little bit surprised you have maintained interest over a matter of weeks. My contemplations are very much scattered all over the map, although I might be inclined to say there are some common themes there. Maybe that's just me hoping I actually have a personality, continuity and character depth.

I probably don't get many views, much less comments, and it's always an interesting feeling for me when I do. I feel as though someone could get a pretty good idea of what I've been thinking about over the last year or so just by reading what I've thrown out there. I don't feel as if any of it is uncomfortably intimate, although one can really develop a fairly holistic view of a person over time.

Part of me is just interested in the idea that any person's life, no matter what they're interests or passions, skills or challenges, can be a really wonderful thing to behold, when viewed as embedded in a culture, history, social and economic situation, but also as a string of relatively insignificant (though necessary and telling) events and thoughts. I like the idea that a blog, over time, can come to represent one very small but also very clear piece of someone's personal development.

When I start thinking about this overlayed with other sites like flickr, librarything, and facebook, I damn near lose it.

Anyway, it's interesting to get proof of the fact that this stuff really is 'out there.'

Cheers. Cameron