Thursday, January 29, 2009

Notes 1/29/2009

I want to punch this group in its nose. Hard.
-The Center for Consumer Freedom

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veach st. glines said...


conscientizacao said...

From what I understand, they've lobbied for some pretty crummy food and health choices. They were started by Philip Morris, and have recently had the side of fast food restaurants in certain discussions about ethics, advertising, health, and childrens' diets.

I likely should do more substantial research, but I got the feeling they were pretty sucky.

You have experience with them?

veach st. glines said...

No more than every American who has heard 'any-product-x' is not good for you and then heard later/elsewhere the opposite.

'There's no proof second-hand smoke is dangerous' was probably a CCF campaign.
'PETA kills animals'...CCF.
'Mercury in fish is healthy' probaby CCF too.

I pay as much heed to CCF as I do to FOX news, but I know some idiots (who smoke Marlboroughs, eat McFood, drink Bud Light, and love everything Rush Limbaugh sez) who probably use the statements of CCF to justify all the poor choices they make every day.


Free to chooze to be an idiot.

conscientizacao said...

Agreed. Which is another reason I'm happy to be heading out to Ecuador. Not because there aren't idiots down there, but at least they'll be a new breed, so to speak. It likely won't be long until I'm griping about the same types of things.

The one I love the most was the 'drinking coca cola at McDonald's is healthy because it has water in it' one. Classic.

I guess we'd get bored if there wasn't anything to argue about. Who knows?