Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tonya Harding Fantasy Number Study

These are all numbers found on Tonya Harding's Fantasy pagee, where people write in their fantasies about Tonya. I'd like to create a 1-100 list, so people can learn to count with Tonya.

Pages 38, 20, 1

"I want to play hide the salami as I bury 8 inches up your juicy twat."

"It’s like hotels using the first 3 letters of your name as the password for voice mail."

"Like "come here Tonya and do a triple flip on my dick" Plus hell after she was done sucking your dick you could rate her and then she would do it all over again to try and get that perfect 10."

"I still had 60 miles to go to get home."

"Somewhere around 30 minutes into our game‚ I exploded."

"Tonya had met me there at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and I propositioned her for five hundred dollars."

"At the bigining of this long 13 hour flight I had no choice but to strike up a conversation with Tonya."

"They were as close to a 69 position as could be while still skating."

"I could tell she was used to giving head even at her tender age of 15."

"After about 2–3 minutes of that she looked up at me and told me she wanted me in her ass‚ so she got ontop of the man and put him inside her pussy and then told me to come from behind and fuck her in the ass."

"about 15 minutes later she looked and said‚ "Its time for the part you’ve been wanting" and with that she inched her way back up until her hot pussy was hanging directly ove my dick."

"This went on for about 30 minutes and I told her 'My Turn.'"

"So I took option number 3; I fucked the hell out of her."

"the numbers come out 5.2‚ 5.3‚ 5.8. but I’m giving her a hard 7.5."

"It took no longer than 5 minutes before I came and she swallowed it down like sugar candy."

"After we finished our food‚ we went to a movie – where there was about 25 people there."

"I stiffened with the dread of things to come as a bus pulled to a stop 50 yards away."

"I'd been waiting for 20 minutes, standing silently by the sidewalk under dripping alder branches."

"She made a half frantic move to escape, slapped and clawed at me hard, dug into my shoulder with $2 nails."

"I don’t even know how it happened or why‚ but now‚ some 20 years later‚ I know I’m glad it happened."

"You the one with the ’67 ’stang?"

"Hell‚ I must have spent 2 hours in that shop going over every little detail of that engine."

"Only having 35 minutes until I had to be back to the newsroom‚ I quickly conducted my interview. "

"In a lame attempt to make up for my blatant staring‚ I send over a 7&7."

"As I recoup for another go‚ they continue to sixty nine for 20 minutes straight."

"Traffic seemed to be backed up for miles on 405‚ so I decided to take the surface streets instead‚ maybe stop by Powell’s Books to wander around‚ clear my head‚ and let the traffic thin out before I headed home."

"It’s not mine… I mean it is‚ but it’s financed… don’t have full coverage… owe $20‚000… ran that red light… what the hell am I going to do?"

"As a strong young man of 18 I experianced my first figure skater fantasy."

"I was at the Lake Placid Winter Olympics in 84‚ and Tonya was there with her family‚ no doubt dreaming of the day when she would be skating in another Olympic event‚ far in the future."

"When I was first hired for my current job…7 1/2 years ago‚ I was shown The Tonya/Jeff Video…Nice Breasts Tonya!"

"I arrive first and spread around 10 dozen red roses all over the room."

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