Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Two Ideas To Pursue

On the way to work, two ideas.

One, I will conduct interviews with 10 fellas. We'll drink during this interview. Their choices are the following: 1 large bottle of wine, 1 small bottle of liquor, 12 or 18 beers, 4 pitchers of beers, 3 bottles of champagne.

The interview begins as the first drink is opened. It will be recorded. The point is not to focus on the booze, but rather the one-on-one conversation. The alcohol just provides a possible catalyst for interesting thoughts.

Second, I want to create some things from the Tonya Harding fantasy page. Something to do with either the first lines is one idea. Maybe poetry. Another possibility is to create a Good Writer's Guide which gives strong examples of the elements of a story (hook, climax, etc...)

There also could be a family of dudes numbers fest including the references to size in the fantasies.

Here are some great first lines from selected fantasies.

"Tonya is sitting at home relaxing with her feet up when SUDDENLY, the door breaks down and a band of Ninjas enter."
"I would like to take tonya to the nasa space camp, use the anti Gravity room to give her the most unforgettable night of her life."
"I don?t know how Tonya Harding wound up in ancient Egypt?"
"You know‚ it’s like it was yesterday."
"I raised my hand in class and waited for Miss. Harding to call upon me."
"Tonya and I were floating in the sea together on our raft made of turtle shells‚ reindeer mucus‚ and cans of Andy Warhol’s tomato soup."
"It was a cold‚ and rainy night on the streets of San Fransisco."
"I had a bad argument with my girlfriend and was in the mood to do some serious drinking."
"Tonya calls me up and tells me to meet her in the mountains."
"I wish I could have the chance to have sex with Tonya."


veach st. glines said...

OK. I'm in.

Jagermeister shots and rootbeer chasers at 1,200 miles of paces.

Not exactly sure how an interview would go---do you plan on having a structured Q&A or are you more of a 'winging it' man?

conscientizacao said...

So, I had originally planned on interviewing my 10 best friends here in Austin. This somewhat answers your question. It would be more of a conversation than a really formal interview.

Although, there are a few things I've never asked of my best friends, and these would be structured and would be asked in each of the ten. Some of these might be, "Have you ever wanted to kick my ass?" or maybe, "If I was a vegetable, what would it be?" Things like that, to get conversation going.

Part of the point of this, honestly, is to take the 10 dudes that know me best, and present some sort of structure to our time together, something that generally isn't present. Of course, there are some situations wherein there are structures - things like a college class, a movie, or a sporting event. However, we, as friends, have never been the creators of these structures. The interview introduces that structure, and likely, some awkwardness. Most of these gentlemen I have know for over 6 years, which I consider the majority, if not the entirety, of my adult life. It will be apparent, I hypothesize, that we know each other quite well when, after the first few minutes, the questions aren't needed anymore, and the skepticism has melted away.

Who knows?