Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bunny Wailer and Seeing Everything in Ecuador

There´s a story told about Bunny Wailer that I have always found interesting. I relate to it in a way I think about my being in Ecuador, specifically that my being here is coming to an least for this visit.

Bunny Wailer was one of the three original members of Bob Marley´s music group, The Wailing Wailers, later The Wailers, and finally Bob Marley and the Wailers. Bunny Wailer was said to have metaphysical powers, and stories have been told about his ability to put curses on people.

Evidently, a record company stooge suggested to Bunny that the group name their second or third album The Greatest Hits of The Wailers. Bunny replied that if, indeed, the album should be called The Greatest Hits, then said stooge would never again hear anything better. He died within weeks.

The other day, as I planned the last few weeks of my trip here, I was pondering what I wanted to see. Obviously, in a country so diverse and beautiful, I am realistic in knowing I´ll miss a great deal. I decided that trying to rush through the last bit here, trying to see as much as possible is, in a way, telling the universe that I don´t plan on coming back soon, or even at all.

This is not the message I want to send to the universe. For that, I´ll not rush. You can´t make me.

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