Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dream 1/7/2009

We are a group. I am with friends. I don´t know who these people are as soon as I wake up. They are, for me in waking life, strangers. We are swimming in a natural swimming hole. We are having fun diving off of rocks. We are naked. Each one of us has a partner. Still, though, we are currently having fun as a group of friends.

I get the feeling that we are being watched. We move to the man made swimming pool. It looks like a resort that I´ve never been to.

In a flower pot which also doubles as a lamp, I find a camera lens. The lens has a red light on it. This tells me it is on and working. This means someone has been watching us swim in the resort pool. Somehow, I immediately know who it is that has been watching. It is the old, somewhat grumpy guy that lived at Shady Oaks Apartments. Shady Oaks Apartments is a real apartment complex located in Austin, Texas. I really lived there. The aforementioned Grump also lived there.

There is some sort of investigation that flashes across my field of vision. I see that he is into young girls. Young for me right now means 14 and 15. Specifically, he likes girls with strange haircuts. I see several examples of the weirdness that gets him off.

We plan to meet with the Grump to settle the score. We want to settle it once and for all, which is to say forever. When we approach him, he shoots the girl who is my partner. She is my girlfriend. I am her boyfriend. I know this. His bullets hit my girlfriend in three places. One place is the forehead. Another place is the right shoulder. The final place hit is the gullet. My girlfriend, with her three bullet wounds, falls to the asphalt. She is bleeding some, but less than you might think. She is still in her bikini from the swimming. It is blue. The blue is in the middle of north carolina tar heels blue and detroit pistons blue. It is similar to detroit lions blue.

A few minutes later the girlfriend says she feels fine. The bleeding from her bullet holes has stopped. We share stories that we´ve encountered which tell of people having survived bullet wounds to the forehead. We decide that she still may die. We decide that for what may or may not be the last moments of her life, we should have sex. She reminds me to be gentle, because she still might die.

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