Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dream 7/7/2009

I am in a deserted town. Most people are dead. I find a restaurant. I sit and tell of the cabrón from the bus. (There really was a cabròn from the bus. He was drunk and during the night was either trying to get fresh, grabbing my thigh, or he was intending, feebly, to rob me. I told him I`d kill him.)

Across from me at the table sits Molly Ringwold. She has aged naturally but it is clear who she is. In the dream, I had just seen 16 Candles on the bus. (I haven`t ever seen 16 Candles in `real life.´)

Someone at the table asks if she has ever seen 16 Candles. She says that she was in the movie. Of course.

Shit, the person says, Molly Ringwold lives in our town!!

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