Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dream 12/7/2009

I am involved in some real heavy shit. Deeply involved. I remember being on the top story of a parking garage. It`s open to the sky. It is nighttime.

I am being chased by a guy. He seems to be part monster as well as man.

I jump into a dodge van, grey. The keys are inside the ignition. I`ve only to start the thing to make it go vroom, vroom. It is the van of some sort of federal office. Dark grey. Shifter is the one with the big ball at the end.

I put the rhino into gear. The gear I choose is Reverse, represented by a capital "R" with a circle around it. I am zooming down the streets that make up the levels of the parking garage. At the front gate, I (the car) is recognized and the guard opens for me to exit. I blaze down the road.

I arrive at a large, monolithic building. Inside the first door, I discover a hallway. It looks like a depressing office building. I find Sterling, my brother, and tell him about all the deep shit that I`ve found myself in Federal shit. I`m up for Federal Grand Theft, Robbery, lots of money somehow, stealing an airplane, resisting and/or avoiding arrest, etc...laundry list.

I tell him that I just wanted to show people that there are those out there struggling to survive, though I know I`m not one of those people.

Sterling tells me to run. Why not? You can`t be holed up in a cell for the rest of your life. Follow me.

We pass by his wife, Kathryn. She is sitting on a table sorting through documents. She is doing her job. She says hello to me and blows Sterling a kiss with utmost class and reserve. We arrive at a cubicle amongst hundreds in a large office. My mom is sitting on the other side of the desk. Also there is a girl I used to date.

I start telling Mom about the shit I`m in. The speech sounds the same as it did with Sterling just moments earlier. There is part of me that is really proud of having sacrificed so much just to prove a point of injustice.

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