Sunday, July 5, 2009

Two Negatives Making a Positive

I step off the Metrobus about 4 days ago. Within 5 steps, I feel something tap my left arm, where some people have biceps. I glance over and recognize what has happened. A bird has shit on my shirt. The bird shit is comprised of two forms of matter, that I can see, at least. The first is solid. The second is liquid. The solid is, from what I can tell, the shell or skin of a small berry or fruit. They solid pieces are a dark purple color, almost black. The liquid is, from what I can tell, just bird shit. Later in the day, after having flicked the solids from my shirt, the liquid remains. It looks like disappearing ink that just won´t disappear.

The next day, I´m wearing the same shit shirt. I´ve done nothing to address the non-disappearing ink. At this point, I´m still without money and I think being able to say that I´m literally covered in shit might help with the relateable part of my story...the empathy winner. I step off the Metrobus again. You see, the shitty day provided me with no concrete assistance, so I´m back to take another shot. After about 7 steps off of the Metrobus, the rain comes. I have slick sandals on, which is not to say fashionable. They prefer to treat water like it´s cousin, ice, when they meet on the sidewalks. The dirt on my feet has turned to mud. I am slip sliding away, while I jog to find a place to have a beer and some foodstuffs. I arrive at an Indian restaurant, having been craving Indian food for weeks, and realize something wonderful. The non-disappearing ink has disappeared. My assumption is that the water has washed the liquid bird shit off of my shirt sleeve.

For this, I can vouch that, in some cases, two negatives really do make a positive. Actually, it´s more like a neutral, but we´ll use our imaginations.

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