Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dream 29/6/2009

I am on some sort of farm. The farm exists in the nation of Holland. Batiste´s mother is here. I am not alone. I am with Batiste and Chris. We are getting ready to leave the place to travel.

As we walk along the farm to Batiste´s mother´s house, we ask for the flag. We ask for it with energy, and we ask for it repeatedly. Like this. "The flag, the flag, the flag, etc..."

A group of hundreds of people respond to our request. All of a sudden, a stripe of orange is raised up above the people´s heads. It covers one third of the people´s heads. Next, a stripe of white is raised, parallel and flush with the orange stripe. The orange stripe is exactly as thick as the white stripe. After white comes blue. It is a light blue. In Spanish, it would be celeste. Celeste is similar to sky blue.

Because we saw "the flag," we each get a small flag of our own. We are able to choose from flags all across the world. The flags are about the size of a postal stamp. Not one of us chooses Holland for our free flag. I choose Ecuador.

People are showing me their animals. They have animals on leashes. They use the leashes to keep control of the animals while they walk them. The animals are the following: pumas, lions, jaguars, etc...Walking their animals, the people are very proud. I have the red ass because I don´t think said animals should be domesticated in this manner.

The place is a village for people who do artesania. Artesania means artisan craftwork. This usually means bracelets and necklaces made out of string with wax on it.

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