Friday, March 13, 2009

Angry Words and Subsequent Reflection

This is something I wrote in my journal a couple of days ago. I figured the good always comes with some bad. Apologies for the language...whaddya gonna do?

"Last night boozing with Don Jose Miguel Abad Carrión and Rodrigo. DJMAC´s computer buddy arrives, and has a few drinks with us. He comes over and begins to act like a total fucking asshole. He´s busting my balls about Afghanistan, Iraq, Bush, if I had a major part to play in making those things happen. He accuses me of being here in Ecuador as a conquistador. He yells at me becuase I left my camera card uploading on Flickr while I was away. He thinks that I´m stealing internet and duping José, despite the fact that I left a note with my name on it and asked Ricardo and Rodrigo, who both said it was no big deal. He tells me that José, being from Loja, is the only one who should teach about Loja, not a Northamerican.

I want to kill this piece of shit.

I tell him that maybe, in the womb, I should have chosen the place that I wanted to be born, as presumably he did.

I tell him he´s the first person in all of Ecuador to make me feel uncomfortable here.

I tell him I have no respect for him.

I tell him sarcastically that the money thing is no big deal; that I have hundreds of thousands of dollars in my room, a result of my being from the States. I tell him I´m here to indoctrinate vulnerable peoples with the values of Americanismo. I tell him that I think I´m better than him, a more complete person than him, that furthermore, I´m better than José, and all Ecuadorians.

He didn´t get the sarcasm. ¡What a fuck!"

A few hours later, this:

"So, it´s hours later, and all´s well. That guy can eat shit. He doesn´t have a damn clue about me, or how I view the world, or anything substantial. He only knows the country in which I was born, and have lived for 25 years. ¡Pues, vaya con diós, cabrón!"

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