Saturday, March 7, 2009

Finally getting the monkey (visa) off my back.

I never realized how nice it would be to get my visa crap in order. I feel like I know Quito now. Specifically, I know two parts of Quito. It's like Moore Hill and then Riverside. I don't know a damn thing about 183, where Leander is, or how to get to Canyon Creek.

I know La Mariscal, around the area of Avenida 6 de Deciembre. I also know Quito Viejo, specifically the 4 square blocks around the Hostel. Calles Venezuela, Mejia, Bolivar, San Francisco, etc...ya conozco todos esos.

Right now, I don't feel overwhelmed in the least. It'll be nice when this feeling occurs in a place that I'd like to live, somewhere further south.* At least for the next few days, I'll feel comfortable in Quito. For this I'd like to say thanks. Thanks, nay, many thanks, to family and friends in wishing me well and having faith that I'd maneuver well down here. Whaddya know, it just might have worked.

All that said, I still don't have my visa finalized. I know, tricky tricky. I actually have to go in one last time (fingers crossed) on Monday to pick up my passport and other documents, all of which should be processed.

*Speaking of the South, here's the travel plans for the moment.
Tuesday, head from Quito south to Ambato. Either stay in Ambato or head to Patate, a small farming village surrounded by volcanoes, or Salasaca, a small pueblita known for its weavings.
Theeen (think Wayne's World), to Banos, a place with hot springs and probably tourists.
Theeen, either head to Rio Verde, or further south to Riobamba.
Theeen, keep going west to Guarunda.
Theeen, from Guarunda to a little town called Salinas, which evidently is run purely on a cooperative basis. Wow. This could be the place to find work...any kind of work.
By the way, for those of you with the google map, there's a coastal town of Salinas. Eso no es. I'm going to the town in the Central Sierra. Eso es.


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