Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another New Aspiration.

The other night in Patate, as I was readying for bed, the movie Big Daddy was on.  Of course it had a title akin to, Wow What a Hilariously Ill-Equipped Father!  There was one funny thing I thought I'd mention.  I also developed a new life goal after having watched it.

First, there's the part about Adam Sandler having his newly adopted son, Frankenstein, urinate on the side of a building in response to being rejected use of the bathroom in the very restaurant that is housed in said building.  I wonder if Ecuadorians think this is funny at all.  I only ask because I've witnessed this very same circumstance (adult assists in child's public urination, on a wall) no less than three times.  Public urination seems to be very much more of an accepted practice here.  I guess I chose correctly, eh?

Secondly, there's the part when Adam Sandler is researching the laws about how to keep the young boy.  He's not the biological father, although took custody of the child under that guise.  He stays up all night, reading his law books (he attended Syracuse Law School, evidently), highlighting certain parts of said law books, and thinking really hard.  I, at some point in my life, would like to be part of a situation wherein this is not only prudent, as with a class, but necessary, as in a fight for what I think is right.  I only hope I highlight the right thing, and that the court is duly responsive. 

There is a similar scene in A Few Good Men, where they're all drinking colas and Tom Cruise holds a baseball bat, only proving the rumor that he is, indeed, The Good ol' American Boy we've all been waiting for.  

Incidentally, the closest I've ever been to experiencing one of these moments was in New York, with Kathryn, sweating while I open and reopen the copy machine, hating the staple as an invention, hating depositions as time dependent, and hating windows for having separated me from lovely Manhattan.  I also felt silly in my nice clothes.  So there. 

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