Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dream 20/3

Dont recall most of this one, but here goes.

Im at a petting zoo with some friends and family. There are children there. The presence of the children give me the inkling that I've taken my children on a field trip to said zoo. There are tigers there, of bengal colors, but with bone structures like cheetahs or panteras. The fences are flimsy. Some of them don^t even connect correctly. Im nervous about this.

The reason for my nervousness is confirmed as accurate when the massive cat decides it wants me. Suddenly, Im in the cage with it. It doesnt care about the trainers. It doesnt care about the children. All it wants to do is eat me, and only me.

After struggle and retreat, Im overtaken. Im screaming for help as the massive cat munches away, slowly, methodically, without haste, at my right hand, consuming one finger at a time. I look into the cat's eyes, not really knowing what I expect to see. What I do see is pure, unadlterated rage and hatred. I'm very dissappointed with this, because I want the cat to love me as much as I love it.

I decide to gouge the cat's eye out. This seems to be fruitless as I wake up in my dorm bed in BaƱos, Ecuador.

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