Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cameron and Interweb~Act IV

Scene: Hostel Residencial Sucre, Quito Viejo, Ecuador
A few days later.  Cameron and Interweb have both been quite busy, but have made time for each other.  All's well in the house of Don Jose Miguel Abad Carri√≥n.  

C: So, Interweb. (Pause)
I: What's up, Cameron?
C: Well, you know how you're always complaining that I log off too early, on account of needing to address all the visa stuff I'm dealing with and all?  Well, I think I may have a solution.
I: Get outta here!  That's great.  Let's get started.
C: Alright here's the plan.  (Whispering) I'm gonna leave my scandrive with my picture card in you all day, uploading continuously.  
I: Whaa?
C:  Exactly.  It won't stop for hours and hours.
I: But...I don't....the others...
C: I know what you're gonna say, and I've already thought of that.
I: Out with it, then!
C: So, I'll simply write a note, in Spanish, that gives very clear instructions to the housemates, that they not mess with the scandrive while it uploads.  That way, while it's busy putting my photos up-
I: -other people, other people can check their email...at the same time!  You clever little man, you!
C: Well, that's what I'm best at, Interweb.  You know that.  Seriously, though, I really appreciate you recent fidelity and devotion, even if you have been a tad slower than before.  (Laughs)
I: (Laughing)  You never quit, do you?  Unbelievable.


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