Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Words from Don Rodrigo

There´s a wonderful man here in the hostel who I´ve mentioned before named Don Rodrigo.

Every night, he drinks either a large or a small bottle of liquor called Trópico, which is aguardiente.

Last night, he told me he murdered a tiger, skinned it, and ate it´s flesh. I told him I thought that was pretty radical (in the strictest definition) and he made a genuine apology for having done so. Evidently, when he was in the jungle as a Sargeant in the Intelligence division of the Ecuadorian army, he was forced to kill a tiger in order to survive.

I dídn´t know Ecuador had tigers. I still don´t know if they do. Please do not tell me if they do not. I prefer to think that they do. If they don´t, maybe you should consider the possibility that Valiant Don Rodrigo slayed the very last one in all of Ecuador.

We accept your apology, do Valiant Don Rodrigo and I, over un trago de Trópico.

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