Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cameron and Interweb~Act III

Scene: Hostel Residencial Sucre, Quito Viejo, Ecuador
A few days later.  Cameron and Interweb have spent quite a bit of time together.  Cameron has learned the payment process, which has given him the confidence to be seen with Interweb by his fellow hosteliers.  They find themselves in a bit of a game.

C: You know, Interweb, these last few days have been great.  It really feels like the good old days.  You and me, spending time at Thunderbird...
I: ...Clementine...
C: ...Epoch...
I: ...Flightpath...
C: ...UT Campus...EID's!
I: Bah! Ha ha!
C: ...wait, wait, how about this one: neilisgay!
I:  That shit is classic.  For reals.
C: Man, we've had some times over the years, Interweb.  
I: No doubt.  Remember bandwidth restrictions at Moore Hill?
C:  Ha!  I never knew what the hell that meant.
I: I still don't even know what that means.  Ah ha ha ha ha.
C: Ha ha ha ha.  That's rich.  
I: Gold...no, no...platinum.
C: You know what, Interweb, I'm sorry for all that mess from before.  I was acting like an idiot.  You're alright.  In fact, Interweb, I think you're the best.

Cameron and Interweb share an embrace.


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