Friday, March 13, 2009

Spanish Textbook Moment in 3-D

I´m at a cafe, having cafe tinto (coffee made with water instead of milk) and a humita (similar to a tamale). I witness the following.

A man, probably around the age of 40, arrives at the cafe, which is in a centro comercio (similar to a mall). He´s wearing a dopey helmet, which aside from being ill-fitting, is also being worn in a manner which exposes the entire forehead.

His Amiga works at the cafe. He stops by to see if she´s working today. She is, and so he rides into the cafe to show her his bicycle. It´s brand new and it has all the gadgets.

Create a dialogue in which Lupe, the waitress, asks Fabian questions about his new bicycle. Each question and subsequent answer should include at least one of the new adjectives from our new chapter´s vocabulary list.

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prahdig said...

damn should do more of these.